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Cerámicas La Paloma is one of the leading European producers of premium Clinker Fassade Bricks and Clinker Pavers
with 6 factories and highly automatized German production equipment.

"Clinker" is the highest quality amongst clay building-products.

Clinker bricks/pavers are made from special clays (calcitrant)
and then slowly burned in the "kiln" (oven) at such high temperatures
(around 1.300ºC compared to 800-900ºC of ceramic bricks)
that the pores are closed. For that reason Clinker hardly absorb water,
don´t freeze or change color
over decades and are most resistant.
The name "Clinker" comes from the metallic sound that two bricks generate
when you bang them together - "cling".

At Ceramicas La Paloma we offer Clinker as Bricks, Brick Slips (Riemchen) and Pavers
in more than 25 colors and different sizes, for our customers to achieve
an architectonically unique, long-lasting and premium quality result.

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We, as international sales team, we offer our customers
direct access to our factory, with local support and only few selected partners.

Thereby we try to achieve the best quality-price ratio in the market, while providing our customers
with direct control over delivery and close contact to our production.

Please contact us or/and download information below about our references, catalogues and our company.

We look forward to working with you!

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